The typology of coaching

As you know I am a big fan of coaching I recently learned a very nice differentiation between the different roles you can find yourself in. Rock: Sometimes you just need to be a rock. A rock reflects everything he hears back and acknowledges the problem exists. Coach: As a coach you do everything the … Continue reading The typology of coaching

Yes and…

Last Friday I held a brown bag about some brilliant little exercises I learned from @lucidplot organizer of dareconf. The goal is to allow a group to experience how different attitudes and only slightly different reactions by a listener can completely change a conversation. The exercises are borrowed from improv theater. Here one basic principle exists. … Continue reading Yes and…

GROW revisited

Recently being triggered to use GROW more again I thought I do a quick write up how I use it and what I like about it. GROW – what is it? GROW stands for Goal – Reality – Obstacles/Options – Way Forward. Try to approach an issue in a structured manner, find the best possible … Continue reading GROW revisited

Personal Retros

Inspired by a session on personal retrospectives from my colleague Johannes Thönes I wanted to share a methodology combining meditation and GTD I am experimenting with.   I am currently trying to get into the habit of meditating regularly on busy days. I am currently working with 15 minutes of sitting still and focusing on my breathing. … Continue reading Personal Retros